Posted by: duketower | November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner in the Historic Tower Cafe

Historic Duke Tower in the FallThe Historic Tower Cafe ready for dinner

We celebrated Thanksgiving in the Historic Tower Cafe. Our families were in town for the holidays and we thought, “What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than in the new cafe?” We also wanted to try out the cafe for special events, such as wedding receptions and other gatherings.

In the process, we invited a few guests that were staying at Duke Tower over the holidays. We had one medical technician from Singapore, a computer scientist from Russia and an American CPA recently returned from working in Iraq. We had a guest whose wife is undergoing cancer treatment at Duke, his son and a friend. We invited a Santa Claus and his wife from Oklahoma working at the local mall, but they came by only briefly to see the cafe and could not stay for dinner.

It was a wonderful night, with cool but not cold weather. We had hors d’oeuvers out on the patio, along with wine and interesting conversation, especially with our international guests.

The meal was prepared in the individual suites and brought out to the cafe. We had the traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, studding, cranberry sauce and all the other extras. Our international guests enjoyed hearing the story of the the first Thanksgiving between the Pilgrims and Native Americans.

It was a wonderful evening. We invite other guests to use the Historic Tower Cafe for the their private parties.

For more about the cafe, see


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