Posted by: duketower | October 27, 2009

Research Triangle Executive Language Program Launches English Training for International Professionals

RTELP Will Train Executives in Real-World English

“English and Golf” Option Also Available

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Durham, North Carolina – October 27, 2009 – The Research Triangle Executive Language Program (RTELP) will launch in January 2010, designed to help international professionals improve their use of real-world English. Based in one of America’s leading high tech regions, the Research Triangle Park area, and near world-class universities, the program’s initial target market will be Asia, where learning English from native speakers is an obsession.

The RTELP program will be total immersion, designed to help students quickly improve their vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency. The program will feature a combination of classroom instruction, daily excursions and nightly seminars. The purpose of the program is to help students become comfortable with English conversation while also teaching business and daily life skills.

“We will be filling a void in English language instruction by offering a total immersion program,” said Lee Richardson, president of RTELP. “Our program will target international executives with at least intermediate English language capabilities who want to take their English to a higher level of fluency quickly.”

“Koreans are very interested in this program,” said Mack Ahn, President of VASS Korea, which will be the exclusive RTELP sales agent in South Korea. “Our sales staff has been talking to young professionals who are eager to improve their English skills by coming to North Carolina and trying this practical approach.”

RTELP has contracted The World Company to provide the English language instruction for the program. The World Company, based in Raleigh, NC, has extensive experience training international professionals in English in the Research Triangle region. Among their clients, they have provided instruction to international incoming MBA students at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School and NC State’s Jenkins Graduate School of Management and to employees of some of the most recognized organizations in RTP, including Fujitsu and Lenovo.

Classroom facilities will be provided by Measurement Incorporated, an industry leader in educational testing, professional assessment and program evaluation services, at its historic downtown Durham headquarters.

Accommodations will be provided by Duke Tower Hotel & Condominiums, where all students will live.

English increasingly is the international language of business, science and technology. In most non-English-speaking countries, English instruction is overwhelmingly focused on grammar and passing tests. There is a great demand for English instruction that focuses on real-world communications with native speakers.

“We will have several unique aspects to our program that will help students learn to communicate better in the real-world, which is the purpose of language, not grammar and test taking,” said Richardson. “We will offer daily excursions into the community, to stores, malls and offices, with tasks to perform. These interactions with the local community would ordinarily be difficult for a new visitor from overseas to experience.”

The program will also offer an “English and Golf” option that will allow executives to improve their English and enjoy playing golf in the Pinehurst area, one of the world’s top golf regions. Attendees will study English in the morning and play golf in the afternoon. Students will have an opportunity to play some of the top golf courses in the country, including Duke University Golf Course and UNC-Chapel Hill’s Finley Golf Course. One day a week students will travel to Pinehurst to play one of that area’s world famous golf courses.

Evening seminars will provide an introduction to studying, living and working in the USA. Speakers will include business and community leaders, immigration lawyers, real estate brokers, business brokers and representatives from local universities and community colleges.

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