Posted by: duketower | February 11, 2010

Duke Tower Welcomes the Nevermore Horror Film Festival

Duke Tower Hotel & Condominiums welcomes the 11th Nevermore Horror Film Festival to Durham, February 19-21, 2010, at the nearby Carolina Theatre. If history is any guide, and from looking at our reservations so far, Duke Tower will have many of the out-of-town attendees staying with us. Duke Tower will be running a free 24-hour shuttle service from our hotel to the Carolina Theatre during the Nevermore Festival, which is less than one mile away. It is also an easy walk in good weather.

Outside banner opening night at the Carolina Theatre

According to the Carolina Theatre, this year’s festival should be a great one. The 11th Nevermore Film Festival is blessed with great movies.  The 23 new titles at this year’s festival range from quietly creepy to friggin’ brutal and some will scare you more than others.

You’ll be surprised at how expensive and slick many of these films look, despite having budgets that wouldn’t cover the catering costs on Avatar.  Others have plots worthy of Agatha Christie, and that’s saying something these days when it seems every new horror movie is an over-produced remake of something that wasn’t all that inspired in the first place.  But don’t worry: If it’s good, old-fashioned splatter flicks from the 80’s you’re hankering for, here are three of the bloody best: Re-Animator, Witchboard, and Night of the Demons.

Nevermore 2010 welcomes back Kevin Tenney (2008’s Brain Dead) to talk about Witchboard and Demons, as well as his reputation as a director of 80’s classic horror films.  And kids and families are not forgotten, either! Nevermore will be screening 1948’s Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, considered by many to be one of the best horror comedies ever made.

We look forward to welcoming all of our horror film fans back to Duke Tower again. If you have trouble sleeping after seeing the movies, you can always wander around our courtyard and hang out in our Historic Tower.

Regardless, Nevermore 2010 promises to be a MONSTERous good time!


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