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New Pricing, Services and Amenities at Duke Tower Hotel

At Duke Tower Hotel & Condominiums, we are constantly listening to customer feedback, taking it on board and then crafting new offerings that address the needs of our customers. We give evaluation forms to every guest when they check-in and ask them to fill it out before leaving. The evaluations can be anonymously submitted, if so desired. We read every one and appreciate guests taking the time to give us their feedback.

Undoubtedly, pricing is one of the most important factors when choosing a hotel, but the location, services and amenities are also critical. We are pleased to offer changes and improvements in a number of these areas.

New Medical Rates

New lower rates now apply to all medically-related guests

We now offer a flat rate of $69 for all medically-related guests, including those guests participating in one of the local diet and fitness programs. Previously, we had a slightly higher rate for short-term stays if someone was on a weight-loss program. (Longer-term rates were the same.) However, many attendees to the weight-loss programs are also receiving medical treatment at Duke University. It seemed only fair to give the same low rates for a standard suite to all guests at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center or the Rice Diet Program.

For medically-related guests, premium suites remain at $85/night.

We have also introduced new “group” medical rates in cooperation with our reservations partner, Medstay. These group rates is only available through MedStay and certain group conditions apply. Please contact MedStay at 877-633-7829 for more information.

New HDTV Channels in Premium Suites

Premium Suites now offer high-definition channels

We are pleased to offer about 100 high-definition cable TV channels at Duke Tower Hotel. These will be available in our Premium Suites, which are equipped with wide-screen high-definition televisions. Guests will now be able to see all the major broadcast channels (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS) and many of your favorite cable channels, including many sports channels, in beautiful high-definition. Premium Suites, as in all of our suites, have two TVs, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. In Premium Suites, both TVs are HDTV-capable.

For a complete listing of our channels, click on the Time-Warner Cable Durham website here. (Note: Most, but not all, premium channels will be available at Duke Tower.)

New Duke Tower Mobile Website

The new Duke Tower mobile website on an iPhone

With the increased use of mobile devices such as the iPhone to access the internet, we find many of our guests trying to navigate our regular website with limited success. In response to this trend, we have developed a specialized website formatted especially for mobile devices,

These days, we often receive phone calls from guests while they are on the road, traveling on I-85 or I-40 to Durham and wanting to make reservations. This website will enable that sort of use, featuring reduced content, smaller photographs and simpler navigation for greater ease of use.

By clicking on “Call Us”, the website will automatically insert our phone number into the mobile phone dialer, allowing for one-click calling.

If you bring up the mobile website with a regular browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, the content will look strange, but it is still usable.

There will be a link from the main website to the mobile site in the future. For now, please access the site directly here. If you are on the road, give us a call!

Hair Dryers Now Available for Guests

Hair dryers are now available in the office for loan to our guests. We have received many requests from guests over the years and we have heard you. We have bought a limited number of hair dyers, kept in the front office, that we will loan to our guests upon request. We know that most guests expect to have hair dryers in the hotel rooms when they are on the road. We now provide these to our guests on loan for free and only ask that they return the dryers when they check out.

New Round-Trip Discount Pricing for RDU International Shuttle

Our RDU Airport Shuttle is now even cheaper!

Our shuttle service to and from Raleigh-Durham International Airport has proven to be very popular with guests. Guests have the comfort of knowing they are riding with the hotel’s transportation (Not all cab drivers at RDU International Airport know the location of Duke Tower) and the convenience of charging the cost to their room.

Our regular charge is $35/person, each way. The previous cost would have been $70 for a round trip, but with the new $5 discount, a round-trip will be only $65. For additional people, the charge is only $5 each way, so for two people, the round-trip fare was previously $80, but with the discount it is $75. For three people, the total round trip cost was $90 and is now $85. For four people, the previous round trip cost was $100 and is now $95, or $23.75/person for a round trip, which is very reasonable.

To qualify for the discount, the round-trip reservations must be made in advance.

If you need to call our shuttle driver, the 24-hour number is 919-323-1745.

Expanded Breakfast Offerings and Hours  at the Historic Tower Cafe (and a Coupon!)

The Historic Tower Cafe

Based upon customer feedback, we have expanded our breakfast offerings in the Historic Tower Cafe to now include a variety of cereals, oatmeal and plain milk. We had many guests ask for cereal or oatmeal for breakfast and we have heard you. These new offerings are in addition to our gourmet coffee, tea, hot chocolate, bagels/cream cheese, muffins, hard-boiled eggs (already peeled), yogurt, fruit (bananas and oranges), a variety of fruit juices and flavored milk.

This all-you-can-eat continental breakfast is $5/adult, $2.50/children under 12.

Our breakfast hours have expanded to be from 6:00 AM to 10:30 AM, seven days a week.

Expanded breakfast offerings in the Tower Cafe

After breakfast hours we serve free coffee (Nescafe instant), tea and hot chocolate. We have the New York Times delivered daily for your reading pleasure. (We only have one copy delivered, so please do not take it back to your room!) We have a variety of magazines available and the WiFi signal is quite good in the tower.

During the day, we offer free Fuji apples for all guests in the hotel lobby. We think Fuji apples are the best and, based upon how fast they disappear every day, our guests agree!

We also have a coupon for one free adult breakfast available on the Duke Tower Google Maps site. This coupon is available for guests staying more than one night. Please print out the coupon and present it at check-in.

New Lower Pet Fees

Enjoying a Premium Pet Suite

We take pride in being a pet-friendly hotel and love our four-legged guests. In response, we have decided to lower our pet fees to be $10 for the first night and $5 for each additional night.

For two pets, the rate is $15.00 for the first night and $7.50 per night for all nights after the first night.

We find more and more guests want to bring their furry friends with them, especially on longer stays and especially if you are going undergoing some difficult treatment. Studies have shown the beneficial aspects of having pets on all aspects of humans, including lowering stress and speeding healing.

We also have a special pet-relief area on the property in the back-left (southwest) corner, in a grassy area next to the parking lot. This area means you do not have to leave the confines of Duke Tower. We have plastic bags available for picking up poop to make cleaning up easier. However, beyond the walls of  Duke Tower, there are many nice neighborhoods and wooded areas to walk your pet, especially in the beautiful Trinity Park neighborhood.

With our new lower fees, we are happy to make Duke Tower a little more “pet-friendly.”

Landscaping Improvements

Enjoying the courtyard

We continue to improve the landscaping in our 1.5 acre courtyard. While it is already beautiful, we are planting new trees, shrubs and flowers throughout the courtyard. We are building a covers over the two arbors we had already to provide shade in the hot summer month.

We also have some big plans for the last section (western-most, toward Duke Street) of the courtyard. We have cleared off the small, white stones that covered the concrete. We have begun planting new plants in the open areas of that section. We will keep our plans confidential for the moment, but we plan to turn this final section into one of the most attractive areas of the courtyard.

If you have never come by and see our courtyard, please do so if you are in the Raleigh-Durham area. The courtyard is somewhat European in style since all units at Duke Tower open inward, onto the courtyard, pool and tower. The entire focus of the Duke Tower property is inward, as opposed to looking out to the busy streets around us. We are proud of our courtyard, which offers a welcome respite from the hectic world outside.

Duke Tower on Facebook

Duke Tower on Facebook and Twitter

We are now on Facebook at Check out our site for the latest in news, photos and updates.

And follow us on Twitter at

We Listen to our Customers

At Duke Tower, we continue to listen to our customers and make changes and improvements based upon their feedback.

If  you have never stayed with us before, we hope that you will come and give us a try–we are sure you will enjoy it. If you are one of our many returning guests, then we say, “Welcome back!”


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