Posted by: duketower | October 8, 2010

Celebrate Fall in the Peidmont at the World Beer Festival


Durham Bulls Athletic Park

Bulls Athletic Park


If there ever was an event to welcome the beautiful October weather in the Durham area, this is it.  Get your hotel reservations, put on your walking shoes or designate your driver and be ready to celebrate. Celebrate how the world does beer, that is, at the World Beer Festival on October 9 at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.  The park, reflecting many characteristics of old-time baseball stadiums and the historic downtown Durham architecture, is only 5 minutes (with your designated driver!) from Duke Tower or an easy 20-minute walk while enjoying the warm fall sunshine and Durham’s historic buildings on the way.

Ranked by USA Today as one of the top beer festivals in the world, the event is not just about tasting; it is designed to celebrate the culture of beer from around the world. In addition to the 150 world-class breweries that will participate, there will be live music, local restaurants ad professional beer presentations (plus, of course, the tastings).  It’s just one more reason to visit Durham this fall.  You can find more details on the event website.


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